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Questions regarding your three-part subscription (see below) should be addressed to NACUBO’s customer care department:


1110 Vermont Avenue, Suite 800
Washington, DC 20005

Phone 202.861.2500 • Toll Free 1.800.462.4916 • Fax 202.861.2583

Our customer service department is open Monday thru Friday from 8:45 a.m. – 4:45 p.m. ET. If a customer care representative is not immediately available, please leave a voice mail message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

See information below on how to obtain usernames and passwords to access the Web site.

Please Note: Customer Care will NOT provide the password and username to anyone other than the subscriber of record.


Your subscription includes:

  1. Access to this password-protected web site, which is updated quarterly for narrative sections; monthly for newsletters; and periodically for documents.
  2. E-alerts that are transmitted to you when the web site is updated.
  3. The online newsletter Federal Tax News for Colleges and Universities, which is also archived on this Web site.

If you are not receiving e-mail copies of the newsletter and other e-alerts, and/or have not received your username and password, please

Campus-Wide Accessibility / Copyright Protections

Despite the above copyright restrictions, subscribers to A Guide to Federal Tax Issues have a non-exclusive, limited right to share the contents of this web site, the electronic Federal Tax News, and any other print or electronic information provided as a part of this subscription:

(1) With their “employees” on the “same campus.” “Employees” includes all administrative staff, faculty members or others who are employed by the organization. It does not include consultants, independent contractors, agents, subcontractors or any other third parties who are not employed. “On the same campus” means at the same general location (if not address), with employees operating within the same governing structure and email domain. (There is no precise definition of “on the same campus.” If you have questions, please call or e-mail NACUBO customer care (see above)).

(2) By using one or more of these three permissible methods to share the web, e-mail and/or print information:

(a) Web Access. The subscriber of record is permitted to add individuals sharing the same domain with “other employees on the same campus.”  Added individuals will have access this web site freely. (For details on getting a username and password, see “username and password” below.)

(b) E-Mail Redistribution. The subscriber of record is permitted to forward to other “employees on the same campus” any information provided to him or her under this subscription, including the electronic newsletter, Federal Tax News.

(c) Photocopying. It is permissible to photocopy for redistribution to “employees on the same campus” entire copies of Federal Tax News and/or all or portions of the narrative sections and government documents.

Except for the specific permissions granted in (1) and (2) above, all other rights and copyright protections related to the content of this service remain fully effective. For example, without prior written permission from the publisher, it is not permissible to (a) include all or any of portion of this content in any print or electronic product available to individuals who are not “employees on the same campus”; (b) resell content in any format; and (c) load content on another web site, intranet or in-house database. (Please note: (a) – (c) are intended to be illustrative and not all-inclusive, in terms of the protections for this content that remain fully in effect.)

Username and Password

Each subscriber organization has one username and password that is given to the subscriber of record. The subscriber of record will receive the user name and password by e-mail.

The subscriber of record is the customer we have listed on our subscription database — the person receiving the print newsletter from us as well as invoices and renewal notices.  You can find the subscriber name and customer number on the mailing label of the monthly newsletter and any other customer communications.

Please Note: Customer Service will NOT provide the password and username to anyone other than the subscriber of record. 

It is the responsibility of the subscriber of record to provide, edit or revoke access to other users via the license manager. The subscriber of record will receive login credentials for the license manager and can use the import tools available there to manage the user list for others on his or her campus (see “campus-wide access”). You may also assign other organizational managers to assist with access control for your campus.

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If you are the subscriber of record and have not received your username and password, or have misplaced it, please contact technical support.

Please add and to the list of “safe senders” in your e-mail address book, and ask your IT department to whitelist the address, to receive e-mail subscription communications from us.